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Our experience and continuous efforts over the years have made Trampafric Marine Limited one of the most efficient and reliable companies in the shipping support sector. Moreover, our philosophy of providing the best value for money allows us to contribute to the reduction of the operational expenses of our customers' vessels. Our company tailors its services to meet demand. We cater for our customers' needs 24/7 throughout the year offering the widest range of high quality products and services.

We have the capability to supply everything, from the smallest cargo ship to the largest cruise vessel. We also assist in delivering emergency spare parts in transit to vessels.Ships can place an order with Trampafric Marine Limited before arriving in port so that we can get ready for the ships arrival. This will cut down on loading and turnaround time by allowing our team to immediately start stocking for the ship once it docks. We also tend to keep track of the movements of ships and their estimated arrival in port so that we can plan ahead with orders, making sure we have goods in stock in case a ship has emergency needs.


We supply variety of bonded goods, beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs to meet our customers' requirements



In the provisions zone, our company offers the very best provisions at competitive prices. Additionally, our large business volume allows us to buy directly from factories and whole sellers thus enjoying significant savings.


We have a wide presence of products such as breads, breakfast, cereals, tinned fruits, jellies, frozen meat, peppers, sea food, fishes, milk, drinks, you name them

Our provisions supply is specialized and have an experienced team. We are proud in mentioning that we have a good reputation with our customers with quality services.

Our expertise to rapidly transport all supplies to the supply location, guarantees that we only offer the freshest of the Ghanaian and foreign products while we also ensure that provisions are maintained and packed carefully so that they reach their destination in admirable condition.


Trampafric Marine Limited can meet all requirements relating to deck, cabin and engine stores. Img These supplies include, fire extinguishers, new and second-hand anchors, chains, lifeboats, life rafts and engine spare parts. All equipment is packed in special boxes ensuring that they are transported with absolute safety from our storage area to the vessel.


Trampafric Marine Limited provides technical and safety support services and can supply vessels with the latest approved safety equipment and machinery when needed. Also, our company can organize and co-ordinate repairs, ranging from electrical motor rewinding, turbochargers, main and auxiliary engine, re- conditioning service of pumps, lifeboats repairs and repairs in radio room. Our technical and safety support services include servicing of life rafts, fire extinguishers. We organize also under water survey, cleaning, propeller polishing, under water repair and welding.



As a special service to our customers, Trampafric Marine Limited collect spare parts from their supplier or from trucking companies' facilities and deliver them to the ships. We undertake to supply along with the rest of the order. Also, we can arrange to take spare parts to workshop, deliver back to the ships after repairs and vice versa. If required, we handle Spare Parts of our customers, keeping them in our warehouse and deliver them when and where they are required.



We do all necessary formalities at airport to clear your Parcels upon arrival and deliver it on board in shortest possible time to reach your vessel at the right moment and before sailing.